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welcome to Congregation Sephardic Center Of Mill Basin Inc. Website

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Congregation Sephardic Center Of Mill Basin

Established in 1987, SHAARE YESHUA M’ZION is the first and largest Sephardic Synagogue in our community. Also known as the official Sephardic Center of Mill Basin, our synagogue consists of multiple minyanim and classes daily.

Our congregation is led by Rabbi Yitzhak Israeli Shelita, who currently sits as a Beit Din Judge in New York City. He is a former Talmid of two of our Gedolei Hador: Chacham Ovadia Yosef ZT”L and Chacham Ben Tzion Abba Shaul ZT”L. His Halacha knowledge is what makes our synagogue stand out of the rest and guarantee prayers said here, are answered.

You can pay your donation using credit card , we will update your balance in our system after the payment, thanks Emanuel .

ניתן לשלם לבית כנסת בכרטיס אשראי , אנחנו נעדכן את היתרה שלכם אצלנו במערכת לאחר התשלום , תודה עמנואל

If you want to know your balance please call / text to 347-329-6866 Emanuel  .

אם ברצונך לדעת את היתרה שלך בבקשה התקשרו שלחו הודעה ל- 347-329-6866

זמני תפילות שחרית
מניין ראשון בנץ החמה
מניין שני ב – 8:00
בשבת ב – 8:00